Environment, career, product, activity, mood, or even day of the week, are just a few things that play factor in how our hair looks. Follow me along that journey and I'll show you styles (and products!) to choose from, no matter what comes your way.
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The way our hair looks depends on a lot of things.  Environment, mood, career, products, activity, or even day of the week.  Follow me along that journey and I'll show you styles (and products!) to choose from, no matter what comes your way!

Selphi. #naturalswirl

Selphi. #naturalswirl

I meet so many people who have natural wave/curl and they absolutely HATE it.  This puzzles me.  You really have the best of both worlds here, with the ability to opt-out and straighten it at any point …but that’s for another blog.  Today, we’re going Au Naturel with ourselves and loving it!  Wavy/curly hair has a mind of its own, and that’s what I LOVE about it -and you should too. Embrace that it isn't going to look perfect, but that’s exactly what makes it distinctively you.  Surface has made a product called “Swirl” (a sea salt spray) that seems to understand just that.  I love that this product gives hair the hold, boost, and texture that natural waves need, but doesn't create anything in excess.  Swirl is free of: sulfates, gluten, parabens, animal protein, mineral oils and phthalates …so essentially, it’s not adding anything into your natural locks that isn’t necessary.  It’s called balance, and sometimes that’s just what our natural “textured” locks need.  Spray it from roots to ends (don’t be shy!) on wet/damp hair to enhance wave/volume/texture, then let air dry; or diffuse, and take your natural look straight to the top with volume and waves.  You can also spray it on dry hair to spice up your day old curl.  Pair “Swirl” with Surface “Jump Volume Mousse” at the roots (while wet) and no matter how long you go between washing, your volume and wave will stay in tact because you’ve already got what it takes to make your natural hair great.  You're going to like the way you look, so go ahead, love yourself:) 


Buetowfully yours, Jen


**This product can be found in store at your local Selphi Salon (www.selphisalon.com) in Jacksonville Beach, Fl or online at www.surfacehair.com

**This blog is not sponsored but merely reflects my own thoughts and opinions.

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