Environment, career, product, activity, mood, or even day of the week, are just a few things that play factor in how our hair looks. Follow me along that journey and I'll show you styles (and products!) to choose from, no matter what comes your way.
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The way our hair looks depends on a lot of things.  Environment, mood, career, products, activity, or even day of the week.  Follow me along that journey and I'll show you styles (and products!) to choose from, no matter what comes your way!

Take Me Back To The Start #Restored


When we go through change, the feeling of uncertainty can be so certain; it’s unsettling. Every so often, experiencing something brand new is good for the soul (and hair too!). It can’t help but create new energy -and how fortunate we are to hold the power in assigning a value to that energy :) I could talk (type) for hours on change. How sometimes that change creates something brand new inside of us, only to take us back to the very start; yet is more than essential to the core of our being. The same holds true for your hair …just on a much less spiritual level. Our hair takes a beating and requires some change- possibly more often than we are willing to give it. Lucky for us, that’s where Kevin Murphy Re.Store comes in. It is made with superfood proteins that naturally(!) reconstruct our damaged hair AND it uses amino acids to help rebuild our elasticity and moisture. If used once or twice a week, over time, it will help rebuild and strengthen your hair to the beauty that it once was. Who doesn’t want to be stronger? Who doesn't want to feel rebuilt? I know my hair loves feeling fortified while it is taken back to its original state. That’s the beauty in it all! We come full circle, yet each time we are brand new. Each time reinvented. Each time a little stronger. So I guess the real question is, are we brand new, or simply experiencing deja vu? 


Buetowfully yours,


**This product can be found in store at your local Selphi Salon (www.selphisalon.com) in Jacksonville Beach, Fl or online at http://kevinmurphy.com.au/

**This blog is not sponsored but merely notes a "few" of my favorite things:)